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93% IB Pass Rate and Top IGCSE Results in 2019

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Top-Notch International School in Frankfurt

Welcome to MSF

MSF is exceptional. It is warm and welcoming. It provides an excellent international education to more than 600 students from 55 countries while maintaining a family-like atmosphere. Large enough to offer a wide selection of teaching and learning opportunities, MSF is small enough to feel like home. It offers a safe, caring, and inspiring environment for students to thrive as independent thinkers, discover their strengths and develop skills to succeed, learn about the world around them, enjoy extra-curricular activities, and form lasting friendships.

Our rigorous academic programmes and outstanding native-speaking teaching staff are our recipe for delivering the highest quality education possible. This is evidenced by a 100% IB Diploma pass rate in 2018 and a 93% pass rate in 2019, with an average score of 33 points and the highest score of 43 points (45 is the maximum). The 2019 IGCSE results were also outstanding with 100% of our students achieving A*-C in five or more IGCSE subjects.

We also understand that an individual’s academic progress and personal achievements depend on the strength of the partnership between the teacher, student, and parents. That is why MSF works hard on fostering these relationships in order for each student to realise his or her potential.

Our Welcoming Committee run by MSF parent volunteers helps new MSF families quickly integrate into the school community and local area and provide support through culture coordinators to ease the transition to a new home. The parent class representatives and the Friends of MSF organise events throughout the year to strengthen community ties and celebrate internationalism and diversity.

In 2017, MSF celebrated its 10th Anniversary and a year later held its first graduation ceremony of IB students. These two important milestones highlight all that we have achieved to date and the realisation of our vision and commitment to providing an exceptional international education with a family spirit. MSF continues to grow and thrive, and we welcome you to become a member of our vibrant, engaged, and caring community.