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Age Requirements & Class Placements

New students are usually placed into a grade level according to the school’s birth date guidelines. Our primary criterion for grade placement is the child’s age, although there may be some flexibility for individual needs and hence an overlap of ages may occur in any one class. Children are placed in a class depending on their age on August 1st, since the school academic year runs from August to July and not from January to December. In cases where there is an element of doubt about the placement of a student, we recommend that the student be placed in a lower grade level with the option of moving up a grade if appropriate.
The school reserves the right to make appropriate grade placements at its discretion

In general, the cut-off date for placement is August so that as a rule:

Students in Kindergarten Phase 1 must be 3 years old before August 1st and must be toilet trained
Students in Kindergarten Phase 2 must be 4 years old before August 1st and must be toilet trained
Students in Transition must be 5 years old before August 1st, Grade 1, 6 years old before August 1st, Grade 2, 7 years old before August 1st and so on.

Please note that MSF does not distinguish between so called KannKinder and MussKinder for enrollments into Grade 1.

Placement in a particular grade/class is dependent on:

  • Appropriate age and maturity of student
  • Report cards, progress reports or transcripts from the previous school(s)
  • Placement assessments, (Grade 2 and above in English, Mathematics and German, if appropriate)
  • Social development and previous schooling in consultation with the student’s parents
  • An interview with the student and as appropriate, the parents to demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning

The initial placement is tentative as the school may advise a change of class after the student’s abilities have been thoroughly observed. Exceptions will only be made after thorough consultation with all stakeholders.