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Application Process

Applying to MSF is easily done through our online application form. Simply follow the steps in the order outlined below to begin the application process.

Step 1: Complete an application online, making sure to upload all of the required documents and certificates. We are happy to help you with any questions you might have to complete the application.

To complete your application, please also include the following information (forms can be downloaded from OpenApply):
* school reports and transcripts (translated into English or German)
* letter of reference from the current school
* Student Medical Record Form – to be filled out by parents for an overview of the applicant’s health
* psychological/neurological evaluations for applicants with specific learning needs
* Early Years Confidential Statement Form – to be filled out by the current nursery/kindergarten
* Secondary Student Statement Form – completed in handwritten form by the student

Step 2: Review of Application by the MSF Admissions Team.

Step 3: Invitation to a personal interview and assessment of applicant. If possible, applicants are encouraged to also schedule a trial day in the classrooms. Students applying for Grades 6-12 are required to have a personal interview. Long-distance applicants may be interviewed via Skype.

Step 4: Notification of acceptance is sent via email to parents along with an invoice for the Registration Fee of the student(s).

Step 5: Payment of €1.000 Registration Fee per child must be made within 2 weeks in order to guarantee a place for the applicant(s) to Metropolitan School Frankfurt using the following bank details:

Metropolitan School Frankfurt gGmbH
Taunus Sparkasse, Bad Homburg, Germany
IBAN: DE74512500000000326666

Step 6: Upon receipt of the Registration Fee, a contract along with an invoice for the Building Fee are sent in the mail to the parents.

Step 7: Parents must return the signed school contract to MSF and pay the Building Fee invoice within two weeks of receiving the documents.