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Age and Grade Placement

Our primary criterion for grade placement is the child’s age, although there may be some flexibility for individual needs. In general, new students are placed in a grade level depending on their age on 1st August of the academic year. Children entering Kindergarten must have turned 3 years old before the cut-off date and must be toilet trained and able to feed and dress themselves independently. Students entering Primary School must be 6 years old before 1st August to begin in Grade 1.

Please refer to the following chart for more information on the age requirements for each Grade level at MSF.

Placement in a particular grade/class is dependent on:

  • Appropriate age and maturity of the child
  • Report cards, progress reports or transcripts from the previous school(s)
  • Placement assessments (for more information, see below)
  • Social development and previous schooling
  • Interview with the student and parents

Acceptance of students is approved by the Admissions Team in consultation with the division leaders and the members of our School Leadership Team. In certain cases, the Admissions Team might recommend that the student be placed in a lower grade level with the option of moving up a grade if appropriate. The initial placement of all new students is tentative as the school may advise a change of grade after the student’s abilities have been thoroughly observed.

A comparison of MSF grade placements with those of the UK, USA and German school systems is illustrated in the following table:

Interviews and Assessments

The MSF Admissions team places significant emphasis on the personal interview of the student and family in making its enrolment decisions. All families are encouraged to arrange a visit to the school for a tour and interview. During the interview, any questions concerning the admissions process, academic curricula, and MSF school and community life can be answered by the Admissions Team. The visit also gives us the opportunity to administer age-appropriate assessments of each applicant’s academic and social development.
For long-distance families, interviews with the Admissions Team can be conducted by Skype. All students applying to Grade 6 – Grade 12 are required to have an interview to be considered for admission to MSF.
Assessment will take different forms based on the particular grade level and expectations in such areas as academics, social and behavioral benchmarks, and language development. All students in Grade 1 and above will be assessed in mathematics, reading, writing and speaking as part of the admissions process. German is not a pre-requisite for admission to Metropolitan School Frankfurt.

Requirements for Specific Grades

Students entering KG Phase 1 must be 3 years old by 1st August of the academic year and be fully toilet trained and able to speak and follow simple instructions. Candidates must also be able to feed and dress themselves independently

Grade 9 – Grade 11
Students applying for admission to Grades 9-11 must demonstrate English proficiency in order to be successful in both the IGCSE and IB Programmes. They must also be students in good standing whose reports from their current school indicate intellectual curiosity, motivation and above-average achievement. All applicants are asked to take MSF assessments in Mathematics and English, and where possible, to spend a trial day at the school. Applicants meet with the Secondary Principal and/or the IB Coordinator in person during a trial day or via Skype.

Acceptance of students is approved by the admissions team in consultation with the division leaders and the members of our School Leadership Team. The same rules apply to the acceptance of students from the Early Years Department into the Primary School, from the Primary to the Secondary School and from Grade 10 into Grade 11.

Applicants with Specific Learning Needs

MSF accepts students with special needs based on the child’s individual requirements and ability to access the educational programmes, as well as the availability of our learning support resources. When reviewing the application, the Admissions Team will consult with the Learning Support specialists to determine whether the school can provide the appropriate level of support to the student before a decision is made.