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Friends of MSF

"Building a community within a school"

Who are we & what do we do?

We are a registered association, founded in 2009, consisting of parents and Metropolitan School staff members, as well as School Director Peter Ferres.
The “Friends of Metropolitan” support the school, help raise funds and start initiatives, which the school alone would not be able to. We provide add-ons to school life that our children (and parents) will benefit from and which enhance the school community.

Our Fundraising goals for the 2016 / 2017 school year?

Our biggest project for this school year is the Quiet Zone – the following is a description of what the restructured Quiet Zone should reflect:

“The aim in revamping the quite zone is to create a tranquil space for calm reflection.

The area will benefit from the addition of fixed structural elements such as benches and a wooden platform built around the existing tree with ample space to sit or lie on warm days.

Fatboys & extra movable seating will add maximum flexibility and a sun sail will provide shade on hot summer days.

Oversized pots filled with evergreens will ensure year round greenery and the dark grey concrete will be partially resurfaced in a calm colour to add warmth to the space & clearly delineate the quiet zone from the rest of the playground.

The plan is to create a casual forum style area that can be used both during play time by individuals and groups, and as an informal classroom when the weather is fine.”

We are very excited about the Quiet Zone project, which will be developed in stages.
But of course, we will also be working together with the Senior Leadership Team to fulfill any projects they have in mind.
Starting with a climbing wall for the Early Years indoor movement room.


                It always seems impossible, until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela


How to get involved and become a Friend?

If you would like to join — and of course, we always welcome new members — please print out the Friends of MSF Application Form 2017, fill it out and leave it at the front office, alternatively, you can contact us directly at friendsofmsf@msf.education.

                                           Join us today!