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Metropolitan School Frankfurt.

MSF reopens

MSF has developed its own school specific MSF Hygiene Plan based upon the Hessisches Kultusministerium, Az: 651.260.130-00277: Corona hygiene plan for schools in Hessen from 22.4.2020. A paper copy of both the MSF Plan and the Hessen plan are available with the school office.

We have also developed a number of scenarios to ensure that high quality learning continues!

1. Face-to-face. Onsite instruction is and will be provided at MSF following the health and safety requirements of Hessen. This means that students are/will be distanced in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria and playground. There will not be more than 15 students per class, meaning that large classes must be split and taught in adjacent rooms. Students wear face masks in the halls between classes. Physical contact is kept to a minimum, effectively reducing group work, games and gatherings in the halls and commons spaces.

2. Hybrid learning. A combination of on-campus learning and online learning. Classes and Grades attend school on different days and with different start or finish times.

3. Remote learning. In March 2020, teachers and students began the practice of remote instruction. The positive response from parents and students to the creativity teachers exhibited in delivering lessons via Zoom and Google Classroom confirmed that we were successful in ensuring high quality lessons. MSF has actively sought feedback from parents and students during the early weeks of remote instruction and adjusted its remote learning programme accordingly.