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Metropolitan School Frankfurt.
Metropolitan School Frankfurt.

Holiday Programme

Metropolitan School Frankfurt is delighted to offer an exciting holiday programme for its Kindergarten and Transition children. The programme runs parallel to the Hessen school calendar during the Easter, Summer, Autumn and Winter holidays.

The holiday programme is developed, organised and carried out by the German Kindergarten staff. Whilst the focus of the programme is the same for Kindergarten and Transition children, different activities and excursions will be offered according to their age level. The language of instruction for all activities, daily routines and field trips during the holiday programme is German, but all our staff are able to communicate in English if necessary. Registration for the holiday programme is open to all families with children in Kindergarten and Transition. Once enrolled you will receive a weekly schedule outlining the focus of the activities.

The registration for the holiday programme starts 6-8 weeks before the holiday programme and is announced in the Notes to Parents.