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Metropolitan School Frankfurt.


Metropolitan School Frankfurt is not a bilingual school. However, it proudly boasts a German programme that is committed to offering more German per day than any other international school in the region. Students in the Primary School receive 300 minutes of German instruction and in the Secondary School, 250 minutes per week. Furthermore, differentiated levels of German are offered, ensuring the needs of individual students are catered for from absolute beginner to mother tongue. Our German programme course from Grades 1-10 is equivalent to the Rahmenlehrpläne Hessen and the Nationale Bildungsstandards.

Native German

Our native speaking German teachers work in close cooperation with our native English speaking teachers and apply teaching principles and the philosophical framework of the IB throughout the school. Students receive differentiated instruction that ensures that the level of German instruction at Metropolitan School Frankfurt is of the highest standard. Furthermore, it also allows mobility for students to transfer to a local school should the family move to a city where there is no international school. German lessons are an integral part of the daily teaching in each class.

German as an Additional Language (GAL)

In each year group from Kindergarten onwards, students in each class are grouped according to their level of German. Students new to German attend classes designed to help them acquire and improve their German, no matter their level. We help all students enjoy their time in Germany by learning the language of the host country and appreciating its culture.