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Metropolitan School Frankfurt.

IB Diploma Programme

Until today all of our Grade 12 students have passed the IB Diploma examinations successfully. The average score was 32.6 points with the highest score of 43 points (45 is the maximum). Our graduates were offered admission to the following institutions of higher learning:

  • PhotoWerkBerlin, DE (Photography)
  • University of Amsterdam, NL (Liberal Arts)
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Atelier de Sèvres, Paris, FR (Art)
  • University of Amsterdam, NL (Philosophy and Public Affairs)
  • University of Groningen, NL (Theoretical Physics)
  • Windesheim Honours College, NL (Global Project and Change Management / BBA)
  • University of West London (London College of Music)
  • University of Köln (Humanities)
  • University of Heidelberg (Biological Sciences and American Studies)

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a challenging two-year curriculum, leading to a widely recognized university entrance qualification that the world’s leading universities value.

The DP curriculum is built upon six subject groups together with the “DP Core” made up of three separate parts, CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), ToK (Theory of Knowledge) and EE (Extended Essay), each integrated with a range of approaches to learning.

The subjects currently offered by Metropolitan School Frankfurt are:

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature: English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature

Group 2: Language Acquisition:  German B, Spanish B, French B

Group 3: Individuals and Societies:  History, Geography, Business Management

Group 4: Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental systems and societies (SL)

Group 5: Mathematics: Mathematics HL/SL, Mathematics Studies

Group 6: The Arts: Music, Theatre, Visual Arts


Students select one subject from each of the six subject groups. Three are studied at Higher Level (HL) and the remaining three subjects are studied at Standard Level (SL). At the end of the two-year programme, candidates are assessed both internally and externally in each subject.

The IB Diploma covers key elements of the German Sekundarstufe II and offer equivalence to Abitur. This equivalence is subject to certain criteria being fulfilled. Metropolitan School Frankfurt is committed to providing complete transparency, ensuring German nationals complete the necessary requirements for the IB Diploma. For further information, please click here.