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IB World School Cambridge
Metropolitian international School Frankfurt Germany 72

Teaching & Learning

Metropolitan School Frankfurt encourages and supports its students. Equally, it challenges and we celebrate in their success. Working in partnership with parents and students, we provide a transparent and cooperative learning environment that inspires our students to become engaged in both academic and extra-curricular programmes. Our average class sizes of 18 are small which allows us to focus on the skills and talents of each individual student. Our highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers, recruited from all over the world, adds to the rich tapestry of our dynamic community.

The curriculum is international and comprehensive, designed to meet the needs of the international and domestic student population. Teaching and learning is carefully balanced to take into account local culture and the national academic curriculum requirements of Germany. It caters to a wide range of abilities, learning styles and backgrounds and is committed to providing an academic curriculum that leads to a globally recognised university preparation programme in Grades 11 and 12.

Students are accustomed to formative and summative assessments. Assessments become more rigorous as the students grow and develop. Students are taught from the beginning of Secondary School how to prepare for an examination and are introduced to formal examination conditions.