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IB World School Cambridge
Metropolitan School Frankfurt.

Secondary School

The Secondary School programme is internationally benchmarked and carefully designed to provide a smooth transition for students leaving Primary School. By building on the students' prior knowledge of how they learn and think, students are challenged to evaluate information critically.

The Secondary School programme comprises a broad balanced range of subject areas where areas of interaction are identified and developed. Smaller class sizes are maintained and students benefit from having a home room teacher that complements specialist teachers. Combining a positive, caring and supportive learning environment with high expectations and self-accountability, MSF recognizes the individual needs of each student as a responsible learner.

The MSF Secondary School programme develops students' knowledge and skills across a range of disciplines: Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Food Technology, Physical Education, German and a choice of either French or Spanish.

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Our Secondary School programme consists of Grades 6 through 12.