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IB World School Cambridge
Metropolitan School Frankfurt.

Secondary School

At the center of the Secondary School experience stands the belief that if a student truly thrives in school, he/she will fulfil his/her potential. Grades 6-12 offer a challenging academic programme that balances learning with the adolescent’s need for social interaction and connection. Our students work in a nurturing environment that encourages them to manage their time, assume responsibility for their learning, and become independent thinkers. Every step of the way, they are guided by a team of teachers committed to providing attention to each student’s personal, social and academic development.

Grade 6 students enter the Secondary School, armed with a laptop and excited about having a modern four-story building to call their own. Grade 12 students leave the Secondary School as adults whose knowledge, skills and personal attributes enable them to approach future study --and international life--with confidence.

The MSF Secondary School programme develops students' knowledge and skills across a range of disciplines: Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Food Technology, Physical Education, German and a choice of either French or Spanish.

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Our Secondary School programme consists of Grades 6 through 12.