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Metropolitian international School Frankfurt Germany 32

Student Oriented Services ensure all learners achieve their learning potential.

Student Oriented Services (SOS) are an integral part of the curricula and programmes offered at MSF. They support students as they move through the school, addressing their academic, personal/social, health, career and further education needs. Students are supported in developing strategies and skills that will encourage them to become independent learners. Programmes, structures and interventions are regularly reviewed to ensure that available support systems are used to the best effect and impact positively on learner achievement.



The Additional Learning Needs (ALN) department offers academic support to students and teachers. This ranges from modification of mainstream curriculum, in class support and small group instruction. The ALN department is responsible for creating individual learning goals and monitoring student progress.

Counselling services at Metropolitan School Frankfurt provide guidance to class teachers, individual students and their families. Offering a range of strategies and skills, the counsellor works as a part of a team to support the social and emotional wellbeing of our community.

Our school nurse monitors all health needs throughout the school, from allergy management to playground injuries. She is regularly consulted by teachers and families in the area of health education.

Our school psychologist works with individual students, offering strategies and support to deal with pastoral care, social and emotional wellbeing and support strategies for students and families.

All staff are required to undergo criminal background checking and participate in annual child protection and mandatory training that is specific to Germany. Metropolitan School Frankfurt is committed to ensuring the safety of all students.

Teachers, parents and students can fill out a referral form, please choose below for Primary or Secondary Students. The referral will be forwarded to the SOS Coordinator for review and further distribution and discussion within the Student Oriented Team.